Briefing – Module Ware & Black Line Collection 

The brand is striving for real militarism that conforms to MIL-SPEC and was established in 1998 as luggage labels with outstanding functional beauty. The « BRIEFING » has been researching and developing products to fit each occasion by incorporating into urban-use models the tough parts and the highest technology and functions seriously produced in the U.S. Even now, 25 years after the brand’s birth, it continues to evolve as a brand that can accompany your lifestyle through bags.

• Modeling

Client – Briefing
Location – Tokyo
Kouji Hashimoto, Ryo Fujii
Photos – Kasumasa Takeuchi
Assistant – Kou Morimoto
Cinematographer – Yujiro Taniai
Edit – Narae Kim
Hair & Make up – Tatsuya Suzuki
Assistant – Reina Matsumoto
Stylist – Tomomishi Kondo
Models – Nils, Ben, Olivier, Jeremy

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