The Dolmens – Emma Webster at Perrotin Tokyo, March 8 to April 26, 2023

Perrotin Tokyo is pleased to present The Dolmens, Emma Webster’s first exhibition in Japan. Inspired by trompe l’oeil paintings and the architecture of the gallery that manifest a recursive composition of a screen within screen, the new suite of drawings and paintings introduce framing as part of an integral aesthetic device. In this second exhibition with the gallery, Webster visually explores the theme of confined and underground spaces, like the Dolmens.

• Production

•  Coordination

Client – Perrotin
Location – Tokyo
Exhibition – Emma Webster « The Dolmens »
Production – Ornormstudio™, Fabian Parkes
Artworks – Emma Webster
Coordination – Ornormstudio™, Olivier Nguebdob
Copyright © ornormstudio™

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