TDK Edition Japan™
Byborre Private dinner
Tokyo July 24th

BYBORRE® is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits.

The TDK Edition™ for SS20, in collaboration with the Woolmark Company, reflects the way the label develops inventive textiles, and serves as a marker for opening up these tools and textiles to others worldwide. BYBORRE as a label is, in a way, the first customer of the Textile Lab, and the SS20 collection is a result of the design team utilizing the tools on offer to others, who will be able to create their own textiles using the studio’s techniques.

*TDK : Textile Development Kit

• Event dinner

•  Reshearch & booking

•  Negociation

• Tailored menu

•  Design menu

•  Setting assistance

Client – Byborre
Location – Tokyo, Shinjuku
Creative Agency – Ornorm Studio
Project Management – Olivier Nguebdob, Josué Lacrosil
Assistant Management – Yumiko Yamaguchi
Copyright © Byborre, ornormstudio

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