Globe Specs – BeStore Award 2017-2018

Exhibition party April 9th – #more we than ever

Established in 1998, the Globe Specs brand and its Shibuya flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, have become synonymous for creating eyewear for style connoisseurs. Founder Tetsuya Okada travels around the globe from Europe to the U.S. searching for the latest up-and-coming eyewear brands. Globe Specs won best optical store in the world for two years in row, 2017 and 2018.

• Exhibition party

•  Setting assistance

•  DJ / Live performance

Client – Globe Specs
Location – Tokyo
Creative Agency – Ornorm Studio
Project Management – Josué Lacrosil, Olivier Nguebdob Assistant Management – Yumiko Yamagushi
Dj / Performance – Rhyme
Copyright © Globe Specs, ornormstudio

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