N0 NAME is a platform sneaker brand from Rautureau Group.
At the dawn of the nineties, almost ten years before Naomi Klein’s hit No Logo, Rautureau fights against the tyranny of brands. But in singular, clever and off-the-walls ways. On the basis of a simple look, No Name makes the Sneaker Planet lose its mind. Here, the brand is no priority, only the product matters. Quickly, the Plato Sneaker becomes a rallying symbol for all those claiming the democracy of cool.

• Casting direction

•  Talent / Influencers

•  Models management

Client – No Name
Location – Tokyo
Creative Agency – AgenC 
Art Direction  – Carol Girod, David Hugono Petit
Tokyo Models – Mayu, Natsumi, Yobi, Ayase – Barkinstyle
Paris Models – Djenaba, Justine
Casting Direction, Scooting – Ornormstudio™, Josué Lacrosil, Olivier Nguebdob
Photographer, Film Maker – David Hugono Petit
Copyright © AgenC, Noname, ornormstudio™

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