Saint laurent Self 07 – Cuated by Anthony Vaccarello

Self 07 is an artistic commentary captured by the lens of six photographers who created exclusive artworks for Saint Laurent simultaneously exposed in different cities with the aim to intangibly connect the world.

Six exhibitions take place at once, from the 9th to the 12th of June, in parisn New-York, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai, blending creative disciplines across art end fashion through the eyes of harry gruyaert, Olivia Arthur, Alex Webb, Takashi Homma*, Daesung Lee* and Birdhead*.

* Magnum Photos Guests

• Scenography

•  Set-up – Vision & Installation

Client – Saint Laurent
Location – Tokyo Exhibition – Self 07 Tokyo X Magnum – Curated By Antony Vaccarello
Photos Exhibition – Magnum
Photos Artworks – Takashi Homma
Scenography – Ornormstudio™, Olivier Nguebdob Project Management,
Design Direction Tokyo, Global Production Support – Anna Antoniades
Production Company – Upon Request

Copyright © ornormstudio™ 

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