XT-6 Salomon – Footwear

French outdoor-sports outfitter SALOMON launched the S/Lab XT-6 back in 2012 as their latest top-of-the-line trail runner. A performance sneaker built to withstand the harsh conditions of 100-mile ultramarathons through the mountains.

The design of the Salomon  »XT-6 » is inspired by the brand’s expertise in creating high-performance trail running gear. The shoe has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts for its durability, traction, and performance on rugged terrains: mountains, forests…

For this project Ornorm Studio got ‘’Carte Blanche’’ from SALOMON Japan to create some contents for their iconic shoe  »XT-6 ». We opted for an experimental creative approach using natural and real elements such as wood, rocks, ice, smoke… No 3D or artificial intelligence.

• Art direction

•  Production

•  Photos & videos

Brand  Salomon Japan
Footwear model   XT-6
Art direction – Ornorm Studio™, Olivier Nguebdob
Production – Ornorm Studio
Photos & videos – Fabian Parkes
Setting assistance – Fabian Parkes
Post production – Fabian Parkes & Josué Lacrosil

Copyricht © ornormstudio™ 

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