Founded in 2009 in Amsterdam by brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, VanMoof aims to create the world’s best bikes for city commuting. VanMoof has re-imagined how a bike should work in the cities of tomorrow by stripping out unnecessary parts, improving the essentials, and integrated technology to stick it to bike thieves.

• Production

• Digital campaign

•  Art direction

• Photography

•  Casting direction

•  Stylism

Client – Vanmoof
Location – Tokyo
Creative Direction  – Pascal Duval
Production Agency – Ornorm Studio™
Coordination – David Robert
Art Direction  –  Josué Lacrosil, Olivier Nguebdob  Photographer – Fabian Parkes, Yukari Tsukahara
Stylist – Alexia Libéreau
Setting Assitance – Sofia Ghak
Talents – Cherry, Olivier, Emiliano
Copyright © Vanmoof – ornormstudio™

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