(s)hellburn™ is a collaborative body of work between Heightened Sense® of downtown los angeles and multi-disciplinary creative studio wwwesh studio™ of paris.

(s)hellburn™ experimentation was taken a step further using a variety of new techniques; particularly burning gunpowder into the garments to create a unique pattern of « gunpowder camouflage™ ».

Paris Fashion Week 

wwwesh studio™ is a multidisciplinary studio proposing full creation service excelling in art direction, scenography and product design. Heightened Sense® focuses on creating highly concentrated garments released in small doses. Each garment is individually cut, sewn, and numbered as a limited good. All product and concepts are produced in downtown Los Angeles.

• Brand management

•  Sales

•  Event / Pop-up

Client – wwweshstudio Location – Tokyo, Paris
Creative & Sales Agency – Ornormstudio
Brand Managment – Josué Lacrosil, Olivier NguebdobCopyright © Wwwesh Studio™, Heightenend Sense® Pictures By Asato Iida

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